Let love be genuine.  Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.—Romans 12:9

Central Valley Christian School

Some of these are for specific assignments, others for your own perusal.  Please be aware that some sites contain forums for comment that display offensive messages.  Exercise discernment.





Michael Maxwell’s chronological narrative of world history; Part II (available to view or print online) forms the spine of our survey.

A model world history curriculum developed by San Diego State University and UCLA.  This site will provide some of our activities this year, as well as informing our discussion of what history is, and how a Christian perspective influences our study of the past.

World History Links

If you have ever wondered about your instructor’s hobby or if you are a modeler yourself, this site will be informative.  Includes updated information on the Baghdad Hobby Club and the Iraq Model Network, as well as clubs in Afghanistan for American service members. 

Christianity is not a call to safety, but to identity with Christ.  Read about present-day believers whose Christian testimony has cost them dearly, either because their government actively persecutes them, or because it cannot prevent their fellow citizens from doing so.  Includes specific prayer items as well as updates on nations and leaders.

What does it mean to “go into all the world and make disciples”?  This research site identifies and describes people groups currently unreached by Christian evangelism, and proposes ministry ideas tailored to each group.  Included are specific suggestions for personal growth and involvement, as well as methods for involving your church, family, or online friends in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

From Acts 17 (NIV)

Paul briefly recounts God’s existence, His nature, and His part in history.  Foundational text for our study this year.

Carl Sagan helped compile this early CD-ROM version of life on earth for any extraterrestrials who might intercept our space probes.  Sports fans with patience can also track Voyager 2 as it trails Voyager 1 by 20 AUs. Maybe by 2030 the tables will turn...

One example of how demographic information can create a graphic organizer to help us consider world conditions.

Jacob G. Hornberger’s essay on “Operation Keelhaul,” the decision of the United States and Great Britain to hand all liberated Russian prisoners of war over to fellow Ally Joseph Stalin.  Subject of Inner-Outer Circle Seminar.

William Wyler’s ride-along production chronicling an 8th Air Force mission to bomb German industry.