Let love be genuine.  Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.—Romans 12:9

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Some of these are for specific assignments, others for your own perusal.  Please be aware that some sites contain forums for comment that display offensive messages.  Exercise discernment.





Charles C. Mann’s Atlantic Monthly article which distills information from his 2006 book.  He chronicles the debates in several theaters of pre-Columbian study.

In this manuscript, Berkeley professor J. Bradford de Long examines the unique character of the 20th Century—why it produced social upheaval, egregious dictatorships, and unprecedented economic growth.  Featured text in second semester Economics.

Online version of the 1850 classic produced to counter the socialist movement.  Is the author’s impassioned cry for government to “protect property and punish plunder” still applicable in our mixed economy?  Featured text in second semester Economics.

The National Bureau of Economic Research compiled this data on wages for various types of work in the 19th Century.  Resource for Portfolio 6.

The Law by Frederic Bastiat

Honors U.S. History Links

If you have ever wondered about your instructor’s hobby or if you are a modeler yourself, this site will be informative.  Includes updated information on the Baghdad Hobby Club and the Iraq Model Network, as well as clubs in Afghanistan for American service members.

Christianity is not a call to safety, but to identity with Christ.  Read about present-day believers whose Christian testimony has cost them dearly, either because their government actively persecutes them, or because it cannot prevent their fellow citizens from doing so.  Includes specific prayer items as well as updates on nations and leaders.

What does it mean to “go into all the world and make disciples”?  This research site identifies and describes people groups currently unreached by Christian evangelism, and proposes ministry ideas tailored to each group.  Included are specific suggestions for personal growth and involvement, as well as methods for involving your church, family, or online friends in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Archive of documents relating to exploration of the American West incorporates various approaches.  Worth exploring...

Although our course is not an AP course, the College Board’s published essay and document-based questions will help us understand some of the issues we encounter.

See what researchers are discovering about this antebellum panorama—and how 19th-century technology managed to capture the equivalent of a 144,000 megapixel-resolution image.

eHow’s recommendations for planning, conducting, recording, and transcribing an interview.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics details hourly and annual wages for 800 occupations.  Handy tool for Portfolio 6.

Witness a modern British family’s experience as they re-create urban life from a century ago.  Link to YouTube chapters.

Carl Sagan investigates the ruins of the Southwest, including Chaco Canyon, and describes the importance of astronomical observation to ancient peoples.

Brief introduction to Cahokia, the center of a mound-building civilization that thrived in present-day Illinois and throughout eastern North America.  Link to YouTube upload.

Narrative of Copley’s painting chronicling one moment in time; also focuses on the fate of Brook Watson, the 14-year-old victim of the attack.

Interactive site featuring extensive interviews with archaeologists, historians, reenactors, and other scholars at the sites of Jamestown and Werowocomoco.

Collection of documents, photographs, and articles pertaining to the Plymouth colony and its earliest inhabitants.

Introduction by theologian J.I. Packer to the identity, theology, and concerns of the Puritans in England.  Link to YouTube chapters.

Demonstration of the British 58 caliber caplock musket favored by both sides during the Civil War.  Link to YouTube upload.

Computer-generated battlefield animations illustrating the scope and strategies of the Civil War.  Interpretive keys and narration included.

Helen Hunt Jackson’s  1880 account of U.S.-Native relations.  Link to digital scan of original edition. 

Information designer Saul Carliner reports his observations of existing museum exhibits, and relates effective techniques for both 3D exhibits and web designers.  Reference for Portfolio 7 maquette.

Kerry Walk of the Writing Center at Harvard University explains how to approach treating two subjects in a scholarly paper.  Resource for Portfolio 7 comparative biography.