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Second Semester Honors Algebra 2 Project
Elliptical Templates

The Problem: A carpenter friend of yours needs some templates that he can use to produce the correct holes in the roof. You are to produce the correct template for the pipe-and-roof combination assigned to you below.

Create one the elliptical templates below using a method you determined would work.  Make sure to indicate, in order, all of the following on your template:
  1. Work/steps must be shown, on front side of template, for the process used to find all the values. No work shown for any one item will result in a letter grade drop. Neatness counts.
  2. Make sure to round only at the last step when solving for specific lengths.
  3. Cut the hole for the elliptical template. The template should be made from a file folder and should lay flat until needed. Do not include loose materials that can be lost.   We will use Microsoft Word to assist in drawing the proper shape.
  4. Each template should come with "pitch" triangles that can be used to slant the template at the proper slope. Do not include loose materials that can be lost.
The following table shows the template number, circumference of pipe, and pitch of roof.
Template Circumference
(in mm)

Template Circumference
(in mm)
A(1) 244 3:12
B(1) 145 3:12
A(2) 244 4:12
B(2) 145 4:12
A(3) 244 6:12
B(3) 145 6:12
A(4) 244 8:12
B(4) 145 8:12
A(5) 244 15:12
B(5) 145 15:12
C(1) 162 3:12
D(1) 125 3:12
C(2) 162 4:12
D(2) 125 4:12
C(3) 162 6:12
D(3) 125 6:12
C(4) 162 8:12
D(4) 125 8:12
C(5) 162 15:12
D(5) 125 15:12
E(1) 165 3:12   E(2) 165 4:12
E(3) 165 6:12   E(4) 165 8:12

Grading Rubric

Due Date: _________________________

Student's Name Template Number Student's Name Template Number
Spencer A(1) Abby C(1)
Taylor A(2) Mark C(2)
Brianna A(3) Fariba C(3)
Reagan A(4) Brian C(4)
------------- A(5) ------------- C(5)
Robby B(1) Cole D(1)
Garrin B(2) Kathleen D(2)
Brooke B(3) Luke D(3)
Evie B(4) Lauren D(4)
------------- B(5) ------------- D(5)

Hayden E(1)

Mashall E(2)

Serena E(3)

------------ E(4)

------------- E(5)

The basis for this project was taken from The Mathematics Teacher Volume 92, Number 7, October 1999, page 560.

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